The name Piako originates from the Piako River, which runs through the heart of New Zealand’s Dairy Region.


“For too long New Zealanders have failed to realise how truly delicious and indulgent dairy products can be.”


At Piako we’ve perfected the art of turning New Zealand’s great dairy ingredients into outstandingly decadent dairy products. Products so good, that when you taste them, you stop in your tracks and find yourself making appreciative little noises to yourself. We will continue to transform dairy, crafting products which will amaze and delight, continuously raising the bar and challenging expectations of the dairy category.

It all started when we first crafted New Zealand dairy into exquisite, decadent, extraordinary tasting yoghurt. We took it to our local farmers’ markets and found you guys couldn’t get enough of it. Our yoghurt is so delicious it’s like eating pure pleasure. Unlike many indulgent products the best thing about our yoghurt is it’s made with real simple ingredients. Real, simple indulgence; what more could you want?