Where does the name Piako come from?

The name Piako originates from the Piako River, which runs through the heart of New Zealand's Dairy Region.

I would like to provide some feedback on Piako. How can I do this?

We love getting feedback from our consumers! You can contact us here.

Is Piako Gourmet Yoghurt suitable for vegetarians?

No. Piako Gourmet Yoghurt contains gelatine which comes from animals so it is not suitable for vegetarians.

Is Piako Gourmet Yoghurt lactose free?

Piako Gourmet Yoghurt is made using cow's milk so is not lactose free.

Is Piako Gourmet Yoghurt gluten free?

Yes, Piako Gourmet Yoghurt contains no gluten and is therefore suitable for people with gluten intolerance.

Is Piako Gourmet Yoghurt pasteurised?

Piako Gourmet Yoghurt is not pasteurised but is made using pasteurised milk. Our Gourmet Yoghurt is not pasteurised as this would kill off the good bacteria that it contains.

Gourmet Yoghurt

I love Piako Gourmet Yoghurt but wish you had more flavours. Are you planning to bring out any new flavours soon?

We're always thinking about new flavours to add to the Piako Gourmet Yoghurt range and would love to hear your ideas. You can contact us here.

I love Piako but I wish it had a bit more fruit. Could you add more fruit?

We could add more fruit into Piako Gourmet Yoghurt, but we think the amount of fruit and yoghurt in Piako is just right to be able to enjoy the flavour of both the yoghurt and the fruit. If you disagree, we'd love to hear your feedback on this, you can contact us here.

What makes Piako different from other Gourmet Yoghurts?

It’s all about our delicious base! Our unique method of making Piako allows us to create something truly special – an indulgent creamy base like no other. Piako Gourmet Yoghurt is also sweetened with a combination of both sugar and honey which gives it a unique flavour profile.

Is Piako Gourmet Yoghurt Halal?

Piako Gourmet Yoghurt contains halal gelatine, but is not halal

Is Piako Gourmet Yoghurt All Natural?

Wherever possible, natural ingredients have been used in the Piako Gourmet Yoghurt range. A small amount of preservative has been added to the product to ensure the product you receive is always of the highest quality standard that you know and love.